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Welcome to TheDumb.org!

TheDumb.org is the official street team for Psychostick! You can brush up on what we're all about, hop into the forums and meet other Dumb members, or just join us now!

Updates! OMG

We're going though some changes here. Grab someone's crotch and hang in there! - Rawrb

Top 10 Ranking Dumb!

  1. mike, "stickhead" (DUMB COMMANDER!)
  2. Nicolaus, "el duderino" (DUMB COMMANDER!)
  3. Tony, "Two Guns" (DUMB COMMANDER!)
  4. Matthew , "Matt" (Major Dumb)
  5. Chris, "ledhed" (Dumb Captain)
  6. William(Dumb First Lieutenant)
  7. Dan, "The Shitastic" (Dumb First Lieutenant)
  8. Iris, "Iris.." (Dumb Second Lieutenant)
  9. David, "Dave" (Dumb Second Lieutenant)
  10. Dan, "D.K. Krazy" (Dumb Second Lieutenant)
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