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What is The Dumb?

Basically a street team consists of rabid, dedicated, lovable fans who live to tell the world about the band they represent. In this case, our goal is to create more and more demand for Psychostick. The XM Radioplay, as well as some FM radioplay, that Psychostick has been getting has been beyond helpful in spreading the word. However, the truest, best form of marketing is Word of Mouth. A street team, more specifically The Dumb, specializes in Word of Mouth marketing by telling friends, schoolmates, family, other bands, local music scenes, and so forth about Psychostick.

More demand for Psychostick will create more sales. More sales create more funds. More funds create more touring, merch, and music. After all, isn't the major goal here to get Psychostick closer to you for some hot, saucy Psychostick IN YOUR FACE? (Yes.)

There are perks to being on this street team. Free merch? Yes! Backstage access to shows? Yes! Other special offers that I can't think of right now? You bet!

So, ya interested? If so, fill out this form and submit it. We will screen your entry and contact you shortly with instructions.

The Dumb Form! Slightly better than all other forms because it has references to Psychostick.

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By submitting this form, you agree to spread the word of Psychostick because... you love us.
Also, you will be added to the Psychostick e-mail list if you haven't been added already. - The Dumb Forum - Official The Dumb Myspace - Join The Dumb!